I got kickstarted and here’s what I learned

I got my very first Kickstarter campaign — UNTOLD/Chuyện Chưa Kể, a documentary about student social work in Vietnam–successfully funded in fourteen days. It was a HUGE learning curve.

A lot of valuable and helpful tips on running a successful Kickstarter campaign can be easily Google or listened to on podcasts, so I hope to only share here my personal lessons with this specific project.

Brace yourself for the emotional roller coaster

Be strategic about what, where & when to post

Consistently and creatively produce content

What kind of content you should produce?

My post sharing how Kickstarter works
  • Also, don’t be afraid of repeating content as your audience needs A LOT of reminders to get excited and motivated. Be fun, it’s not always about pledging for a good cause. It can be something like, “Please help me round up the current fund number!”

Be adventurous in exploring where to find your potential audience

  • I reached out to ANY contact that I could think of, from those that were in my focused communities to whoever popped up on my News Feed, as well as tried out multiple channels (Facebook pages, platforms, organizations, posters around campus, etc.). It helped to figure out which was my main avenue of communication.
  • All the content I have produced was in two languages (Vietnamese & English). It’s not only about getting more exposure to the potential backers but also raising awareness for a wider range of audience.
  • Directly communicate with potential backers, both online and in-person. Asking them for feedback before the launch is a very effective way to convert them into advocates of your campaign. Even a phone call goes a long way.

Overall, the strategy is to do daily iterations based on your collected data.

Never lose sight of the very reason why you started the project

  • Put your ego away (or crush it if you can). I used to let my ego stop me from reaching out to people, especially when asking for help (asking for money was entirely out of the picture). It was no longer the case when I had a bigger picture to focus on.

Treat everything as an experiment, not your final product

  • When I was asked if this was something I wanted to pursue when I come back to Vietnam after graduation, my reply was, “I don’t know yet. My ultimate goal is to do social innovation in Vietnam and I’m still experimenting different approaches.”

Be kind to others

  • Also, express gratitude promptly. “Unexpressed gratitude feels like ingratitude to the ones for whom you are grateful.”–Andy Stanley.

When you send something good into the world, it will come back in the most lovely form of surprise. So be kind to others and always choose to pay it forward.

Remember, you are never alone.

Best of luck to your Kickstarter! 😉

Product Designers by day, Zen practitioner all the time 🧘🏻‍♀️ One mindful moment at a time

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