The big picture of Share A Cause Project

Due to the number of posts lately, some friends start to get confused about what exactly I’m working on 😅 So I decided to create this diagram to give you a big picture of the whole campaign.

Over two months ago, I started the Share A Cause Project, a social campaign that is exploring how to give the student volunteer community in Vietnam (my home country) opportunities to grow, innovate, pursue their ideas for good causes, and create more impactful outcomes. I began with seventeen interviews with community members, and I’ve been sharing what I learned on my Social Media and here.

I then started two projects based on what I learned, one is a collaboration with the Orchid Scholarship Foundation (Ripple 2018), and the other one is my upcoming Kickstarter project (UNTOLD). Two of them are running independently in parallel, but both aim to raise awareness and inspire actions.

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