UNTOLD, a documentary about student social work in Vietnam.

Most of the social changes led by the student volunteer community go under the radar. UNTOLD shares those stories.

UNTOLD, những thước phim tài liệu ngắn kể về những cống hiến thầm lặng của cộng đồng học sinh sinh viên tại Việt Nam.

Tiếng Việt đọc tại đây.

I'm so thrilled to share with you my upcoming Kickstarter project that will be launched on March 29th, 2018!


UNTOLD shares the stories of the student volunteer community in Ho Chi Minh City whose social efforts often go under the radar, delivered in a series of bite-size videos (3–5 minute duration) in documentary style to make it easy to access and share.

UNTOLD records the journey of learning in-depth about three groups of volunteer students who pursue innovative social impact ideas in Vietnam. We will follow them throughout different phases of their work, interview them and everyone who’s involved in the process, especially the audience that they aim to help.

The series does not only capture the experience, emotions, and moments of volunteerism but also discover why those students chose the volunteer path, what they have learned and how they have changed as a person. It would be a tremendous joy for us to spread out and crystallize this exclusive experience.


We hope the series would raise awareness about student social work in Vietnam and inspire actions.

  • For the volunteer students to get new perspectives on how to make a social impact, thus innovate their approach.
  • For students to get inspired by their peers to take the initiative in creating social change.
  • For parents in Vietnam to understand how social work can transform their children and open many doors of opportunities to them.
  • And for people like me who just want to learn more about volunteerism in Southeast Asia and how we can help.

Together, we will amplify support for the volunteer student community.

Volunteer group Den Long Do aims to build relationships and assist in the care of the elderly.


Two months ago, I started the Share A Cause Project, a social campaign that is exploring how to give the student volunteer community in Vietnam (my home country) opportunities to grow, innovate, pursue their ideas for good causes, and create more impactful outcomes. I began with seventeen interviews with community members, and I’ve been sharing what I learned on my Social Media.

According to my research findings, groups of volunteer students (mostly high-school) face a lot of challenges in running their social projects because they are young and lack experience. Furthermore, professional non-profits rarely support them. All these factors lead to less innovative approaches, short-term visions, smaller scale and shorter life-span projects, and thus less impactful outcomes.

In another perspective, despite being just high school students, they already make social changes within their capabilities. I remembered back in my high school days; my only focus was the academic results. In contrary, with little outside help or guidance, those students still strive to contribute to the social efforts every day. They create magical moments for the underserved kids, kids with disabilities, special needs, and orphans. They bring the kids joy, fun, care, and most importantly, love. They transform their compassion into actions. The more I get to know them, the more I am proud of and admire them. They have touched my heart and impressed me on so many levels.

A month ago, Đinh Hoàng Bảo Thịnh, a dear friend of mine and also a talented video producer, came to express his interest in my campaign and propose a collaboration opportunity. I guess I don’t need to tell you what my answer was.

That’s how UNTOLD was born.


We are still on the look out for student groups in Vietnam that tackle social issues with innovative approaches and produce impactful outcomes. If you know any group that will run their social projects or events in May-August 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, please send them our way!

  • If you are enthusiastic about the project — please spread the word.
  • Tell your friends and ask them to tell their friends!
  • Share our project among those you think might benefit from a documentary like this. Lending your voice to our cause is much appreciated.

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